As I can’t read a note of music and don’t really understand what is going on half the time, all these compositions were painstakingly created by ear, note by note, on various free and very basic software applications. Weeks passed by with me hunched over a virtual stave moving notes around to match what I can hear in my head, until eventually I lost the will to live and moved on to something else, with my composition more of a trailer than a symphony. So the good news is that most of these are not very long, but in my esteemed and impartial view they are brilliant. And if anyone disagrees I will write some more of them.

Why (1m:21s)

Movie Soundtrack (2m:21s)

Song 1 (48s)

Starting Out (2m:8s)

Lifted (3m:21s)

Early 1980s

From a very different era: a bedsit, a Casio keyboard and one take into a cheap microphone. Those were the days. Forgive the untrained voice, dodgy notes and mistimed beats, I had no idea what I was doing.

Trust Me (56s)

Jenny Never Leaves Me Alone (3m 13s)
(with Nick Smith on guitar)

Unemployed (2m 52s)

The Actor (2m 18s)

Company Director (4m 59s)

Job On His Hands (3m 50s)

Mountain Lakes (3m 30s)

Creepy Tune (59 s)

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